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David Bressat

Pianist; composer and arranger,  David Bressat has been playing jazz for more than 15 years on many jazz venues in France and Abroad. Either as a leader or a sideman, he has been playing with famous musicians such as Marcus Strickland, Dave Liebman, Dee Dee Bridgewater, David Enhco...
His last album has won two awards : Révélation" - Jazz Magazine and "Élu" Citizen Jazz. Now he prepares a new one

He have played for a long time in trio and record in aspetised studio, then David wanted a more organic and real Live music in quintet. 


New album / 01/11/2019

After performing in various concerts in France and producing 4 convincing albums, David Bressat now wants to renew his repertoire and his musical experience. That is why he has chosen to record his latest album live. Recording live enables the listeners to feel the intimacy of the music as if they were part of the audience. They can share the emotional intensity conveyed by David Bressat or his musicians solos, combined to the audience’s reactions. TRUE COLORS is the title of this new album which invites you into a genuine and sincere music.

The quintet is composed of : David Bressat (piano), Charles Clayette (drums), Florent Nisse (double bass), Éric Prost (saxophone) and Aurélien Joly (trumpet).

They said… (press)

« We knew the « right » way of David Bressat's play. Here he gets rid of these cliches and those agreed reiterations that announce that the source is about to dry up. Here, he never stops introducing lights and shades ( and dematerializing to reach the lightness of the being.) » Citizen Jazz, Jean-Claude PENNEC

« Passionate about French songs the brilliant pianist David Bressat has presented his jazz version of our magnificent national heritage ! In the overheated jazz club he has invited the tremendous American saxophonist Marcus Strickland to support him in this mission, proving once again that when music is good, it has no boundaries... », Le Dauphiné

« Nothing free in the expression. We call it talent. David Bressat, elegant and sensitive, accompanied by Florent Nisse and Charles Clayette, both inspired, gave Marcus Strickland a real showcase, highlighting his inspiration. », Jazz Rhône Alpes

« …The pianist David Bressat’s group is starting very vividly,without a backward-looking attitude and aware of the resistant nature of jazz. » LE MONDE, Sylvain SICLIER

« It is not easy for a musician to make music that follows his own desires and it is not within everyone's reach to convey it on stage with a sense of efficiency that does not hide the musicality of the artists. David Bressat and his acolytes succeed in this with simplicity. », Culture Jazz

« The personal repertoire tinted with romanticism highlights David Bressat’s choice of a poetic, irradiating and inhabited jazz. », Le Progrès Frédéric BRUCKERT